Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11, 2011 - Beautiful Day

OFF AND ON the sunlight flashes through the trees and the blue overhead dazzles through most of today - so far.
I have made the bed, swept, dusted, polished, watered plants, washed windows and clothes and groomed plants and sprayed aphids (yes!) and I have even had time to adore my flowers and take some pictures.
Sitting on the ground taking photos led to laying on the ground admiring the trees and clouds. The ground feels good for a while and takes me back to childhood, watching the clouds sail past.
The allium schubertii bulbs I planted this past fall have bloomed, despite my fears they would rot in the ground since we had such a wet winter and spring. Wet? I don't think "wet" describes it, but I can't think of another word. I got the bulbs from White Flower Farm and would recommend them.
I really like them against the gray-green velvet of the lambs ear plant. These flowering alliums are huge.
There are so many lovely plants blooming in the garden right now and I'm hoping to transform the front yard this fall and make a small, intimate garden to observe and enjoy from our front living room window.
There is a very large magnolia tree there that I want to keep and build everything else around it.
I've been checking out books and Horticulture magazines from the library and they have been helpful, but I don't quite have my ideal in mind just yet.
Let's see; what else did I want to show you? Oh, how about this rose that - with your eyes closed - you could imagine is a ripe, lovely melon. The smell is a 9 on a scale of one to 10. Jude the Obscure is a 10, but I don't have on of those - yet!
Tonight we are going to a concert in Portland to see John Hiatt (acoustic guitar) and Lyle Lovett together. It should be a memorable night with these two. Who knows what might happen? The band might invite us to go out with them after the show? Well, who knows? Stranger things have happened.
The lilywort is blooming too. Got to enjoy them because it doesn't seem they last long.
And this tiny blue flower in the back of the herb garden ... what is it? I hope it's not borage.
Well, time for another load of clothes in the washer, so I'd best get going. Time is a'wasting this Saturday afternoon - femminismo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So I'm Spoiled ...

That's right ... I'm really spoiled! Look what came winging my way today! Thanks, Jim, for your beautiful work. I love the cutting board. Now to actually even cut something on it. I may just hang it on the wall!!!
Meanwhile, in my little world, time marches on. This month is going to be busy, with a week's vacation (probably at home), deadlines and celebrations.
The boy from New Mexico is coming "home" for a short visit. We'll celebrate his birthday and gather together for catching up.
There's a John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett concert this Saturday night and I'm prepared for fun.
Father's Day camp-out on the property with family and friends is the 18th and 19th. Under the stars with a campfire. Yay! And maybe some S'mores.
And one of my oldest friends may be coming to visit this month too. When life has its downs, it also has its ups.
Here's a last photo - a self portrait - taken during our recent "work convention" in beautiful Bend, Oregon - femminismo
p.s. I wish I had taken photos of the Three Sisters, snow capped mountains that make this part of the world an Oregon marvel.