Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More nature journaling

Pausing to draw the plants growing in my area, I found Jerusalem sage. Typing so slowly with my fingertips poking away at flat little images of letters on my phone, I feel the words don't flow as easily as usual. I am thinking at a different speed.
There is also echinacea here. Fun to draw. These plants were in Forest Grove at McMenamins Grand Lodge.
Peanut butter plant from our back yard, and I learned the proper name for this plant. Also some hydrangea growing nearby.
Again at McMenamins I sketched the strawberry bush. There were lots of bees and the day was so sunny. Wonderful for November!
Ciao - femminismo.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's Go On, Shall We?

November ... a month of sitting by the fire, doing a little yoga to stretch out the kinks, working on putting a book together with a Coptic stitch - sort of. It's not a very neat stitch, but I'm trying my best. I told a friend I would put up some of the pictures I took during a trip last month to central/northern California. We visited Lobos Point State Park and it was gorgeous. They only allow so many vehicles and people in at one time, so the trails were not crowded. Plus, summer vacation was over in October and the weather was good. Nice and warm. Don't come in the summer, we were told. "It's cold and foggy." Here are a few of the scenes we enjoyed.
Many birds around, and butterflies too. The Mister spotted this lady.
One more and then it's off to work on the book/journal - femminismo
So similar, right? The picture of me (above, with clothes) was taken on Weston Beach. Below, the other famous photo.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November? How did that happen? Well, anyway, there are mushrooms, onion and garlic simmering in a pan and I thought of my blog. Why? Can't say. Just want to reconnect with myself and the words that pour forth when sights, smells and sounds thrill me. I love garlic! The person who first found it knew it was something special. Maybe he/she wore it on their person as an added pheremonic enticement. All I know is I'm happy they brought it home and eventually threw it in a pan! I'm going to put the mushrooms over truffle infused mashed potato flakes after I've added them to 500 mll of milk. Hmm. How much is 500 mll? Guess I will Google it and see. Wish me luck with my flavorful appetizers. femminismo