Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Hasn't Been Going On?

Everything's been happening this September: the actual money producing job, the volunteering at Valley Art Gallery, producing ads, attending meetings, visitors from out of state, mini high school reunions, dentist appointment, eye appointment ... but thankfully NO jury duty. I called today after 4 p.m. and my number wasn't chosen. I've got to tell you that even though some admired my good citizen stance, I can use the time for other things.
I am going to put together artist kits for the Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival on Saturday, Sept. 17, and then race home around 4 p.m. to hostess a graduation party for my granddaughter. She is doing ALL the work and others are supplying the food. I will just have to clean the toilets and make sure there are hand towels.
Oh, and I might shampoo the carpet, wash all the windows and paint the outside of the house. So you can see I won't be blogging here for long, since the party's on Saturday.
I have been remiss in not visiting my blogger friends for a while. And those friends who I see - those who still check into this site - comment, "You're sure not blogging much."
Well, I will end that today (to some extent ... for a while ... maybe).
It was wonderful to see friends from high school over the Labor Day weekend. We just all got together at the last minute, thanks to Jean L. Sometimes this works. Her husband grilled the finest chops and we had a memorable talk fest in Columbia City near the river. Very pretty home and view.
And of course Labor Day means Art in the Pearl. I bought only one thing and that's because the Mister was tired of following me. It wasn't too expensive. Can't be, because I'm saving (and spending) my dollars/euros on a trip to Italy in November!
I am so excited. Thrilled. Scared. Wondering if I'm crazy.
Well, honestly, mostly excited and thrilled. Scared a little bit that I will get lost. But the airport people always seem to know the way to your flight - even if it's just taken off.
The trip to Italy will focus on food, photography and theater. I love, love, love all of these things!
Well, must go. Here is a camera phone photo I took of the Living Leaves I do each September 11th - femminismo