Thursday, May 31, 2007

And May fades away

Last day of May and I've accomplished some things on my list of "stuff to do" while others items cool their heels for a little longer.

I've finished another altered book, which on each page has a few things to help me remember what I was doing on a certain day. The books will be interesting to look back through some day when I'm sitting in a rocking chair and unable to do some of the things I've written about.

While I watered flowers and plants tonight, the spring air was warm and pleasant and led me to think about many things ... as I stood there holding the hose, listening to the pleasant sound of water falling. Water always seems to trigger memories for me.

I thought about my three children and how little I remember of that far ago time when I was a young mother. It occurred to me that in my next altered book I might sit and think about those times and write down all the memories of those days. I have found that the more I write down, the clearer certain times and events become.

I want to visit that woman I used to be ... the one who made mistakes, discoveries and shaped the person I am today.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Remembering Mama

Today in the Pacific Northwest we've reached 87 degrees F. Our shady back yard is nice to have on a day like this.
And today, with the familiar slant the sun takes this time of year, and with the magnolia tree ready to bloom, I am reminded of last May when my mother came to our home to spend her last days with those she loved.
My brothers and sisters, and the people from Hospice, helped us take care of her. The house was filled with people who loved Mama, and the activity and noise reminded me of my childhood and growing up in a home with six brothers and sisters.
One sister said, "I bet you'll be glad to get rid of us and have your house back."
I wasn't too sure about that, and I was right.
Tonight, as the sun sets in the west it reminds me of the evening times when we stayed close beside Mama to enjoy every moment with her.
Her death on June 23 was one of the saddest times in our lives.
The anniversary of a death at any time is difficult. The wonderful memories we have of Mama are what will help us keep on going.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slow to post

May is almost past and I've been very bad about saying anything on this blog. The days are almost as long as they will be for the year. Come June 21 they will start to shorten.
The moon is rising high in the sky tonight. It's 68 degrees F outside, and going to be hot tomorrow. I've raced around the yard watering recently transplanted flowers, catching astilbe wilting once again.
Mock orange blooms around a corner, spreading its scent throughout the garden. I wheeled my bike out and rode around the back yard twice and then down the cul de sac. My leg muscles felt tight ... unused as they are to biking nowadays.
I'll post a photo and then I have to be going to bed.
The picture is from a recent page from my altered book journal.
Ta ta!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

First day, first thoughts

It is an overcast, but warm day here in the Pacific Northwest. Peonies and clematis are blooming in the yard and poppies are throwing their petals open too.
The green grass and trees leafing out remind me of why I love this place so much. There was a small rain shower yesterday, but nothing that the flowers -- and people -- didn't love.
I have a sun room filled with huge pots of electric orange and phosphorescent fuschia geraniums. It's a warm and light-filled space to work on altered books and make a mess if I want.
I am going to a fundraising auction tonight for a bird habitat in our town. It is the first totally fun thing I have done in a while and I didn't have to do any work for it except shower and put on a dress, for a change. Blue jeans don't always work for everything. We can't be totally Northwest 24/7.