Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Peering Through Windows

Recently a wonderful art class fell into my lap.
I was going to take a class from one instructor but circumstances changed and the class was canceled. (This was an opportunity to learn more from Jill Berry in person. Unfortunately she had to have surgery, instead of meeting with me and a few hundred of her adoring fans at Art & Soul in Portland.)
So I looked around for another opportunity and found it by signing up for a  "windows" class from Roxane Evans Stout.
Picture yourself able to peer into a cottage window, or out of one. You get to imagine the view.
The first picture is from the class. The next ones are an offshoot project. Same principle; just smaller 3x4 inch to fit on a 6x6 inch canvas.
Making these small worlds within books is great fun - femminismo

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This morning I was walking around the kitchen in a fog looking for the coffeemaker when it hit me what I might do with the pages I collaged a bit yesterday.
I started looking for images and found three or four. They might make an excellent query into aging!
More letter - femminismo

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Now we are getting somewhere

This was a good feeling! First to paint these cards (5 1/2" x 8") all black and then use various stencils to add more paint colors.
I used acrylic glaze which has increased the drying time, so that is irritating, but I do like the glazing nature of the look and the raised surface.
Do not think I can wait for it to dry properly, but perhaps I'll just paint something else!
There is nothing like the feeling of renewal I get by playing with paint or glue - femminismo

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Just a Little Bit of New Year Cheer

Well, it's certainly been a while, but no time like the present to check in again! Today has been a time for reflection as I take down the Nordman fir Christmas tree's ornaments and leave it unadorned and bereft in the living room.
The familiar ornaments - some from the '70s, some
further back than that - bring back memories of times and people past. I walk through scenarios I haven't thought of in a very long time. I realize it's time for art, and so my hands reach for paper - mail, actually - to recycle. I decide to paint a dozen 5" x 8 1/2" cards with black gesso and then go on tomorrow with another coat of another color. Twelve cards. Enough for one for each month, or ... . We shall see - femminismo