Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anyone Ready for May 13th?

Here we go. Let's see if I can remember what I took pictures of on May 13th. I upload them to Facebook almost as soon as I take them, so I have to go back and look there to see which ones I did. Motor!
You've got your red mulch and your brown mulch at Home Depot.
My mothers day balloon from my granddaughter.
A mare who thought I might have a treat.
A Mobile home.
Wild mock orange in the cemetery on Mother's Day.
Our little Mazda. Keeps on ticking!
A memorial offering for Mother's Day.
Marigolds at Home Depot.
Supposedly menudo is a good hangover cure. : ) Big drum roll, please: black mondo grass! Again with the Home Depot plants.
....... femminismo

Catching Up Again For May 12

May twelfth I found these things that start with the letter "m. Monterey - by Glennda Field at Valley Art Gallery in Forest Grove, Oregon.
We call this plant "Moses in a Boat."
Magnolia tree in the front yard - hasn't bloomed yet.
There are mountains in the watercolor by Harold Walkup - at Valley Art Gallery.
A man and his "moutons." Photo on metal by Brenda Somes at Valley Art.
I wish I knew who painted this "monster." I would give them credit.
"Murky" water in an oil by Michael Orwick - for sale at Valley Art Gallery, 2022 Main St., Forest Grove, Oregon.
Lots of "m's" since May is Membership Month at Valley Art.
One of my favoritist books!! and ........
And a "mixer" for the carrot cake I made Saturday morning
And last, but not least, a maze marble game - femminismo

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 11 and Catching Up

Found my 11 objects for May 11:
Magpie, mess, Minute Maid, Mickey Mouse, and others. Any questions? Books with M in a major word in the title are accepted in my project, as long as I have read the book - femminismo

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10th and 10 Objects that Begin with "M"

May 10th calls for 10 new objects. No repeats, no pictures taken by anyone else, no pictures taken on another day. I can't believe I can make up such ruthless rules for myself. Here we go:
Don't be scared! It's just "ME."
Good thing I work near a museum!
Just a little bit "mac.... ."
Things that are small are "m........ ."
My brand new yoga m.. . Did you get them all? I hope so! I am now going to close my eyes and probably dream of fighting software. That was my dream last night and why should tonight be different? - femminismo

Ninth of May Pictures?

WHERE are those May 9th photos? I don't think I shared those and I feel like I'm getting behinder and behinder. Let's just look through my photo album.
OK, now on to the 10th - femminismo