Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sumi ink discovery!

My first attempts to use sumi ink during a Judy Wise workshop did not work out well. I used the wooden end of a paintbrush as my writing instrument and I just got globs.
Then I tried to use the ink on my tea bag calendar. Same writing instrument. (I will show you the results of that later.) : (
Tonight, using a new writing instrument, a chopstick, I think I have found a better drawing tool. Because the chopstick was coated with paint, the ink rolled off and I had to go back to the well pretty often, but I liked my lady picture. Her nose may not be the perfect distance from her mouth, but when you're working with ink rolling off a chopstick, you hurry.

I have been painting pages in my art journal books, but not writing very much. I've been pretty consistent, however, with this blog lately. It seems to have to be "one or t'other." Paint or type.
I hope you guys know what I go through just so you can have something new to see when you check in on me. (Leave a comment, pleeeeeease.)
Today I saw a man carrying a bicycle toward a bike shop, I saw a coworker with his shirt tucked in for a change, I saw a beautiful young girl in a head scarf, I saw a nearby house is now owned by the bank and I saw trees without a single leaf.
Today I heard a car honk at another car that could not move.
Today I smelled espresso and fresh ground pepper.
What did you see, hear and smell? - femminismo

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanne Girl! I just want you to know that I check out your blog every morning!! I woke up this morning to an empty house (kids slept in there trailer last night); No smells until I made myself an Oregon Chai Latte' which smelled and even tasted better with a little cinnamon on top; Got to work...no one here. Then suddenly the door opened and in came a Marine, just back from Iraq. (My boss's son Daniel) He looks great and is happy as can be now that he is home to celebrate Christmas with his family. I wished him a Merry Christmas and a thank you for his dedication to his country.
Keep up your blog. I love reading your entries and love seeing your art work!! (no, I wasn't paid to say that!) :o)
Love you much!!!!!!!