Friday, March 18, 2011

Some 'Hummable' Tunes

WELL, tangos, polkas and wild crazy music isn't really that 'hummable' but you can try humming along with Three Leg Torso.
What an awesome group. So talented, on violin, accordion, bass, drums, vibes and all other sorts of percussion tools. Using the bow for a cello on the metal edges of cymbals?
It was my pleasure tonight to finally get to see these guys. Reading about them on their website makes the musical journey complete. The stories they had to go along with their songs were wonderful. If I ever have enough money/gumption and/or stupidity to try and make a movie, these are the guys I would call to do the soundtrack!
You should hear them. Listen to their music on their website.
You can hire them for dances and large weddings, too. Wouldn't that be fun? Tell them femminismo sent you!


Anonymous said...

so did you wiggle in your seat,
or outright dance your butt off?

Love it when they let you jump around at a gig..

Steve said...

Got both my feet a-tapping...!