Friday, July 15, 2011

My Wednesday Walk

THESE are some of the picturesque items and people I saw on my Wednesday Walk. (And my Mister wonders why I want to go to Italy!?!)
It was a mostly nice day, with a chance of a shower, but I was determined to walk.

Isn't the mailbox precious?
The man in the football helmet isn't who I thought he was when I first saw him. I wanted to buy him a meal, but I guess he is a fairly well-to-do individual with a home and an income. He used to be an accountant (or something like that) and now he just pushes his carts up and down the streets and collects interesting bits and pieces. I can see myself doing that sometimes.

Just shows you shouldn't judge by appearances.
For the last photo, I took three pictures of the flag as I crossed the street. At the very end of the crosswalk I guess I was still technically in the street, but I wanted to get the flag just right. (It is a very, very large American flag - as you can see - and when it blows in the breeze it flutters so delightfully.)
Just as I clicked the shutter - if you can do that on a digital camera - someone drove through the crosswalk and yelled at me "Get out of the street!"

I wanted to yell back something appropriate, but perhaps it's a good thing I didn't. You never know - femminismo

By the way, here's my Italian dream!


Jenny Woolf said...

Well, it's not Italy but you would probably miss it if you lived in Italy...

Steve said...

Italy gets my vote too!

Fresca said...

I'm just catching up on blogs again--nice to see yours.

Once when I was rummaging in an alley, a woman getting out of her car offered me a can of soup out of her bag of groceries.
I kind of regret that I didn't accept her act of kindness. Instead I baffled her by explaining (or trying to explain) that I was looking for collage materials...

Great story about getting yelled at, while photographing the flag. Funny!

Laura said...

A boss once told me, if you are not p*****g someone off you are not trying hard enough. Great post.