Monday, November 28, 2011

More of Italy

We visited the wonderful town of Cortona and really did not (again) have enough time to see it all. It seemed a little more developed than when I visited in 2003, but maybe it was just due to the renovation of the museum and the improvements to the center of town.
We all got to go off by ourselves for a while and I dared to climb the stairs/alleyway and investigate the town a little more closely to see how others live. I could smell dinner cooking in one house and heard the radio playing in another.
Back on the main street I found a sign for Il Pozzi, a great little artshop with handmade leather-covered bound books. There was also a cistern from long, long ago and inside the glass-covered well were goldfish!
The owner of the shop helped me set up my camera, with no flash and setting the timer so I could just put it down flat on the glass. A beautiful hidden secret in this art shop.
We also had dinner in this town. I had the Sardinian pizza with cheese, capers and anchovies. Italian pizza is delightful. It's tasty, with thin crust, and you don't feel as stuffed with it as with our American-style pizza. Lovely!
We also had dessert - semifreddo. Seems a bit too much, but what else are vacations for? - femminismo

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Steve said...

Haven't been to Italy since my honeymoon 6 years ago but you have put a real yearning in me to go back!