Thursday, November 8, 2012

November? How did that happen? Well, anyway, there are mushrooms, onion and garlic simmering in a pan and I thought of my blog. Why? Can't say. Just want to reconnect with myself and the words that pour forth when sights, smells and sounds thrill me. I love garlic! The person who first found it knew it was something special. Maybe he/she wore it on their person as an added pheremonic enticement. All I know is I'm happy they brought it home and eventually threw it in a pan! I'm going to put the mushrooms over truffle infused mashed potato flakes after I've added them to 500 mll of milk. Hmm. How much is 500 mll? Guess I will Google it and see. Wish me luck with my flavorful appetizers. femminismo

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Laura said...

Always happy to see a post from you.