Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life in the Fast Lane

I never know what my fingers are going to type on the Post "subject line." I guess I'm thinking of life in the fast lane because time seems to be zipping by. The Mister and I returned on July 2nd - back to the U.S. of A. from Italy. It was a great trip. We stayed at a small house on the Niccone Highway near Umbertide, south (?) of Florence. My directions, while traveling in the fast lane, are sometimes skewed. We visited Cortona, Assisi, Bevagna, Anghiari, Gubbio, San Sepulcro, Montone ... beautiful towns, all of them. Montone is still so peaceful. Gubbio was new to me. I hadn't been there before. The English lady was very lucky her husband built such fine gardens for her! femminismo


Steve said...

From the photo it looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You are a traveller of life, sweet lady. Nice to be popping in.

phil said...

building has not change much since the jubilee in 2000