Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cold Winter Benefits

Today I had a class with Valerie Pace Donley who taught us how to weave small purses (prayer bags, intention bags) from all sorts of fabric scraps and snips of yarn. It is sure to be fun to do - something to fill the hands during this cold winter. The cold winter also brought my son and daughter-in-law over since their pipes froze and they had no water. And then who stopped by but my daughter, with my granddaughter and her two boys: my two great-grandchildren. Phoenix was born on Dec. 2, so he is quite new! Alex is adjusting to being a big brother and is only a blur on the couch next to us. (I like my photo since it's blurry around the edges.) I am loving the extra time I have with retirement ... and the art I'm making is a great enjoyment - femminismo

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Fresca said...

Lovely photo: I love the white heads---one with hair (like mine), one with a newborn cap!