Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Once More

THIS seriously has to stop! Today my doctor asked if I was still writing. "No," I said. "Too bad," she said. "Yes, isn't it?" I replied. So what's been going on this awesome month of September? We camped over Labor Day on our property in the hills above the city. It was so quiet and beautiful. Great weather and a beautiful moon to enjoy every evening. Fire danger in the woods is high so our campfire was very small. Guests came up to join us for the day or even two or three days, in some cases. We enjoyed having the family up and the children found our creek is full of small frogs. We were spending our last night of summer in our small trailer on the land when it was discovered we weren't alone. A field mouse had invaded with his sights set on a portion of our chocolate. There was a rustle in the bag of Hershey Kisses, flashlights and cursing, and the mouse jumped out of my clothing bag, onto the seat cushion, down into the cushion and disappeared. The Mister discovered his escape route and the next morning sealed it up. There will have to be more "sealing" done or he and his kin will move in this winter when we're not there very often. For now we are back home with running water, HOT water, flushing indoor toilets and the only nuisance we're battling is the sugar ants. TODAY is September 11th, and usually I make "Living Leaves" of paper to hang in the trees and commemorate the day. Not this year however. I seem to be unable to plan ahead for these events. They sneak up on me and then there's not enough time to do something proper.
Remembering again everything I used to be able to get done in a week - when I was full-time employed, had three kids, made dinner every night, made their lunches, etc. - and now I am barely able to clean the kitchen counter, go shopping for groceries and answer email. No kids, no full-time job; what's the problem? ON to other things: Yesterday I met with a landscaper and we talked about turning our front yard into a grassless area with a dry river rock stream.
The ferns we have in front of our house could go alongside the "stream" and look very nice under the magnolia tree (which will constantly be dropping its leaves and such). Anyway, life is going along fairly well (personally). Let's hope the latest convolutions in our world's tortured peace-path smooth out with the least loss possible - femminismo

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