Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Starting From the Same Place

I met Tina Walker and her sister Tracy Albrechtson Kreuger in Taos at a workshop and learned right away I was sitting next to two impressive artists.
Both had a way of using spare bits of stuff and concocting beauty.
After returning home to Oregon we stayed in touch and I got in on some great artist collaborations.
In one of them, Tina sent out kits of materials to several (!) people, including me.
Each kit had the same things in it and we had to use them all in a project.
Today was the day to unveil the results.
I used my materials to make a book and ended up stamping scraps of cloth (included in the kit) with names of departed loved ones. What can I say? It wasn't a melancholy memory trip, but more of a joyous one.
Thank you, Tina, for providing this opportunity.

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Fresca said...

Wonderful to see creation by you---online here again!
Thanks! More to come???