Friday, November 30, 2007

Nanowrimo winner tonight!

Yes, it's true. I produced 50,000 actual words that make up a story/novel beginning - with flashbacks, two alternate story lines and two fascinating women characters in the lead "roles."
My gosh, I'm proud of myself, aren't I?
I did it with the help of a wonderful man, who cooks, cleans and shops. Now we know one of the secrets behind successful Nanowrimo winners.
Next year? Sure, why not?

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Mistique said...

Congratulations Grandma! I've read your blogs and sensed the amount of stress that you've had while trying to produce those 50,000 words. I don't exactly know quite what the NANO WRIMO is but I'm very excited that you're finished and have done so well! I love you loads and wish to hear more about this whenever we get the chance!
Your favorite, ;)
P.S. Don't judge my blog if you check it out...I'm just starting it.