Thursday, November 15, 2007


Here it is:
Copy and paste it into your browser and find me at I am working like mad on my story "Asking Eleanor."
There is an excerpt posted now, and it doesn't make me gag too badly. I think I am remembering slowly but surely how to write without stopping and still make a bit of sense.
I am thinking of reasons why my character might be having a difficult time right now in her life (first person novel) and what might have happened in the past.
Cheer me on. Tell me to sit down and type/write/scribble.
I will try my hardest not to let myself down. You can also search under "Authors" (gosh, that sounds good) at the Web site and find me by typing in femminismo and then click on "search."

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Anonymous said...

Loved the excerpt Jeanne, but I guess I'm a bit biased. I got a laugh out of the 'H-E-double toothpicks'.

I think I've been to this restaurant!

Cousin John (the one up North)