Monday, May 3, 2010

Don't You Just Hate It?

WHEN people don't keep their word, don't you just hate it?
But maybe they get busy with the real world and don't mean to forget or put off what they promised to do online.
Here is "Weight of Flowers" by Julie Fillo, which I got in the mail on Friday. So happy to see it on my wall and I love walking by it and admiring all the lovely flowers that will never droop and die. The bird is a special favorite too.
Yes, this woman looks a little sad, and I'm sure Julie has a story behind all of this. Someday I hope she feels inspired to paint smiling women, but myself, I like the introspective ones too.
I have been busy - and part of that time was spent with my granddaughters, one of whom was shopping for a prom dress. Just the right dress. That takes time. While she shopped I got to spend a little time holding Alex, the new grandbaby. I think a good name for him is Smiley Sweetface.
I had good luck today with Dreamweaver. I don't know that it is especially difficult to get it to do things. It's just "putting" them live - online - that has been a problem. I think I have them "checked out" and I don't really know how to upload them. Today, however, they magically did it almost all by themselves. I posted a video which actually operates! So this is a good start off to the week. Things seem to balance out, however, so I'm really not looking to tempt fate. Tomorrow there will turn out to be a horrible proofreading error or something similar. (Just you wait.) Steve and Clowncar (faithful commenteurs';) have taken the short cut - ha,ha, shortcut! - and learned html, etc. But they are boys with Math Brains.
I am slowly reaching my goal on the coin packet books. Here is one book and its packet resting in lilacs. I wish I could perch there and inhale the lovely smell, but alas, I must go to bed. And I keep thinking of Christy and her foil/paper that I want to make. Christy is a Math Brain person too, I will bet, since she is so totally a Web Geek Girl and a lovely artist. I have got to find some more time somewhere!!! - femminismo (feel free to follow these links for so much fun, you will not want to waste time sleeping tonight)


Steve said...

Actually I don't have a maths brain at all. Words were always my bag, not numbers. I failed my basic maths exam twice and only passed it on the third attempt. Please don't ask me to express that as a percentage...

ArtSparker said...

The flower painting is spectacular.

Fresca said...

Just came across this quote and thought of this post:
"The best way to keep one's word is not to give it."
--Napoleon Bonaparte

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of "Smiley sweet-face". I think that is a perfect name for that little sweetheart. Love you!!
Jen Jen

Julie Fillo said...

Thanks for posting about your painting, you are a sweetie and your grandbaby is adorable!

Candace said...

oh my goodness, what luscious photos -- you could go to the moon on Alexander's smile, what IS he thinking about?? -- and general all round fun post.

I only wish I had your patience and hijinks with the videyoyos.
Work is so nutty I have not been able to even post my latest shenanigans! Mmmm....
Your Pal.

Solar panel installation said...

Alex is an adorable little boy. Smiley Sweetface sounds perfect!
I am so looking forward to your coin packet book. God bless.