Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tumbling Strawberries

I SHOULD have been more ambitious, started earlier in the evening, not put off my blogging ... but none of those things happened. We've been busy here. Lots of deadlines to meet at work, art receptions, volunteer meetings and a bridal shower here on Sunday last.
I've been thinking about my blog and wishing everything came together more easily, but here is a photo taken after the art reception. This pitcher, with strawberries and violets, was a centerpiece surrounded by cookies. Then I got to take them home to munch on. I tried one of the violets, but it didn't have much flavor.
I've planted flowers in the front during breaks from the rain. Wettest May on record - or something like that - here in Oregon.
I hope you are all well out there in Bloggerland. I will soon have a photo of all my completed coin packets and tiny books with poems. So many great poems, so many vivid images to save - femminismo


Steve said...

Love the lushness of the strawberries... they almost look unreal. I think the purple and white backdrop works well - gives it a real atmosphere of decadence.

femminismo said...

Steve, you are such a faithful commenter. I love that about you!

ArtPropelled said...

What a lovely idea! The strawberries look divine on that violet plate.