Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Is So Ripe!

THE summer days are getting so thick and heady they are practically edible! The air is filled with tiny debris from trees, pollen and bug spittle; and then there is the heavy, thick scent of foliage; the musty odor of daisies, their pretty, fat, white petals frying a thin brown on the edges like sunnyside-up eggs in a skillet; and skinny dandelions are free to reach for the sky in the vacant lots owned by people with better things to do than arrange for lawnmowing, while the rest of us sneeze and say "Tsk, tsk!"

So I've been working in my journal - my August journal - and recently found (in all my "collateral debris"*) a list of what I did all on one day (August 2, 2009! what are the chances?) so I could keep track of my time and find out where it all went. It was a funny list and everything was easier to track because it was a Sunday and I could stop whatever I was doing and go write it down.

This August 2, 2010, was a Monday and work was a little crazy, so I kept telling myself I would do it later - do it later. At the end of the day I was able to recall most of it, but I'm sure I forgot some things. (And I still haven't figured out where time goes.) *collateral debris, AKA, creative tidbits

So these two lists went into the journal. The picture above is of the journal and the beginnings of the Tuesday book. It ended up with quite a few pages so I'm sure I will have to find a longer poem to go in it.

I love painting the envelopes for the books. I am thinking of sending this August Poetry Rolodex off - mailing it to one of my blog buddies - and they can have the joy of opening each pocket and reading the poem. Maybe they will glue in a picture or two (add a short poem, if there's room) and then mail the whole thing on to the next person in line. Sound good? Want to sign up now? Leave me a comment and I'll contact you! I trust the universe ... mainly.

Tonight after work I went to the downtown market and the artists' reception at Valley Art. I met two wonderful women artists who were so grateful to Valley Art for the wonderful, free reception they had: Dorothy Steele and Lin Haak. What sweethearts. Caroline Lau, who worked on the reception with Rusty Seeborg, made a tiny little white clay bridge that was in one of the table centerpieces and it was so sweet I wished I had taken a picture of it. What am I thinking sometimes, I wonder?! It looked like the sort of bridge a Japanese princess would wander over one moonlit night, looking at the sky and wishing for her lover - not noticing the young man in a boat, pulled into the shallows of the stream, gazing at her with such adoration! Oh, isn't the mind a wonderful thing when it can conjure up images like this!
I just know I'm going to hear from Rolodex corporate lawyers for using their brand name - femminismo


Steve said...

This is gorgeous work that speaks brightly of the fulness of summer!

grrl + dog said...

your journal looks just as rich and ripe...

nice to have a peek at it..

Seth said...

The journal is looking wonderful. Thanks for showing us a glimpse.

Jenny Matteson said...

I'd be interested to be in the rollodex line. I bet the girls would be interested in adding a few tidbits, if that's ok and part of the process!