Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Emerald City

SEATTLE is known as The Emerald City. I guess because it is usually surrounded by greenery. Just like Oregon, it gets its fair share of rain.
This was our destination on Friday, when the Mister and I headed north for a visit to the Seattle Art Museum and the Picasso exhibit. We rendezvoused with my sister, Judy, at our hotel and then called a cab to take us to the museum. We had food at their Taste restaurant and then went for a spin in the gift shop. I always thought this was the last stop at an exhibit, but we did it first.
Our tickets were for 2 p.m. and the moment arrived. I actually saw the "Portrait of Dora Maar" by Pablo Picasso in "real life!"
My absolute favorite was a tiny oil painting called "The Bathers." (All of these images are copyright, Pablo Picasso Estate, I'm sure!)
We had a great time at the museum checking out more than 150 images, sketches and photos. If you have the chance, see this!
Outside the exhibit was this soft sculpture by Nick Cave, the musician - and artist. I thought my knitting friends might like to see this.
We then went for short walk around town until we found the most wonderful restaurant named Etta's. The Mister had the salmon topped with portabello mushrooms on mustard greens, I had grilled sturgeon with a side of roasted red beets with blue cheese and pecans, and my sister had the ling cod with delicata squash, cippolini onions and golden raisins. It was all terrific!
A good night's sleep at the hotel and then off to Pike Place Market downtown. There was much to see! Here are some pictures ...
the fruit at Pike Place

and down below the Gum Wall!
We did not leave anything. We just were not prepared ... with pre-chewed gum.

I did get my fortune told by Madame X, too. She said I have "patience."
I must sign off for now. My patience with my photos downloading to this blog site is at an end - femminismo


Steve said...

There is something quietly exuberant about The Bathers... a delicious and sensuous painting.

Laura said...

I love the photos, what a treat to see famous paintings in person. Love, love Pike Place, plan to return one day.

grrl + dog said...

That piece by Nick Cave is amazing.. like a cast off jumper collage with legs.