Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Space In Time

As the blue moon appeared - drifting over our heads among the fir trees - we stood on this small patch of earth together and stopped for a space in time.
Once together often, now passing time together infrequently, we are always on the same page in space no matter the distance. We begin our conversations anew, without a pause, catching each other up on what's going on in our lives.
There is no substitute for an old friend. Someone who knew you when, and accepts you for what you are and who you've become.
Tell me what's in your heart, old friend, and I'll tell you what's in mine - femminismo


Anonymous said...

it has been a glorious moon here,

one I will treasure for its softness.

Steve said...

Poetry, beautiful poetry...

Laura said...

Sweet and warm. The moon has been amazing.

Clowncar said...

I love that moon, and those kinds of friendships. as if they haven't been away at all, and you are picking up on your conversation in mid-sentence.

alas, it was cloudy here, the night of the blue moon.