Tuesday, December 7, 2010

David Hockney's 'Fleurs Fraiche'

NO paint, no canvas, no paper - but a new exhibit in Paris by David Hockney. (The NPR interview is here.)
Hockney began using his iPhone and then went to the iPad with its handy Brushes app.
"There's no mess" he said, although an observer who watched as he "painted" on the iPad saw his rub his fingers on his clothes as if to clean them.
Well, I wish I lived in Europe or was visiting right now, that's all I can say.
I would like to view this wall of iPads with Hockney's fresh flowers.
But I can't imagine producing art without "mess." Isn't that part of the therapy? - femminismo
p.s. The photo was "stolen" from another blog.


acornmoon said...

Britain is freezing right now so I should wait awhile.

Hockney has embraced the new technology, painting with light.

I am a big fan of his but have to say I much prefer his drawings on paper.

Steve said...

Interesting concept... and allows OCD sufferers to practise art...

Jesse N.M. said...

Hi there,

if this is without any paint, then wow! I like to use my MSPaint program, but to do this?

Way out of my zone....LOL

How are you?


femminismo said...

Freezing in Britain ... yes, I have heard. An acquaintance was just in Scotland and it took them 30 hours to get back to the states, what with canceled flights and train trips to the next airport.
Steve: I had thought about this iPad "finger painting" being less tactile and goopy, and how that might appeal to one who doesn't like to touch strange stuff.
And Jesse N.M., I am still learning rudimentary Photoshop, but I get what you say about MSPaint. Touching a smooth screen and having lines magically appear sounds good to me ... and easy!

Laura said...

I love the apps, as you have seen. Several people have shared this with me and I am inspired. You put up the best stuff.