Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peaceful Solstice to You

THIS AP photo of the eclipse in Chicago is quite stunning. I'm sure the photo is better on the Huffington Post website, which is where I picked it up. Here is another link to an excellent video on YouTube. In Oregon it was too rainy at 11 p.m. to even contemplate standing outside and looking for the moon.
It's mild weather today - sort of. It's 37 degrees F., and will only get a little warmer today.
I hope the solstice finds you well and on your way to ending 2010 with brand new goals and inspiration for the coming year - femminismo


Steve said...

And wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

gone is the day when our group of

wise women rose before dawn to witness the sun rise on the solstice.

We all lived on Australia's most easterly point, therefore we aw the sun first for the entire continent.

Candace said...

Hello and happy everything to you, dear Jeanne. Thanks for your visit.
We had a bit of a cloud which cleared up. The prismatic ice ring around her just before the Big Event was grand and I am fortunate I saw it, I know.

Thanks for the visit, too. It's always a cheer hearing from and reading you.
The Best to the Best,
Candace x