Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some Things Accomplished

I have some things to show you. I've been working on crafty-daffy art. The craft I just turned out today: fabric cuff bracelets. Our Creative Expression group is going to work them over this coming Saturday so I wanted to make up a few to explain how they're made. (Makes sense, doesn't it?)
The orange tool with the curvy blade cuts through felt and fabric. You measure your wrist (plus 3/4 inch) and cut a piece of fabric that long.
Then you cut the same length, in a different color, a little bit slimmer than the first one.
Steam-A-Seam2 put between the two layers of fabric, with ribbon placed on top (it's cut a little longer so the ends can be tucked in between the two pieces and land on some of the interfacing) and then you steam iron it all to "glue" them together.
I had to use a flash on this picture because the lovely green felt kept looking a dirty brown. (Not that there's anything wrong with brown!) The button collection will decorate some of them and they will either fasten with ribbon in a loop around a button or with Velcro.
I'm sure I'll have photos of actual hand models wearing these. They might seem a little too cozy for spring and summer, but I'm sure there's a way to solve that with different materials. The curvy rotary cutter seems to solve the problem of fraying edges.
I also participated in a Relay for Life bingo fund raiser on Friday night. We had a a lot of fun and raised nearly $650 (maybe a little more) for cancer research - femminismo


Steve said...

Loving the rich colours in the photo... reminds me of Christmas for some reason. said...

I sense an "inspiration comeback" waiting in the wings for you, Jeanne-girl! Love the bracelets! Can't wait to see all of you again.

grrl + dog said...

cool idea,
as it keep actual sewing to a minimum,
which is easy to approach for everyone..