Friday, April 1, 2011

When Did I Lose My Enthusiasm?

BLOGGING used to be something I did nearly every day, or at least twice a week. No restaurant meal was complete until I had photographed the food, no flower or sunset was truly appreciated until photographed and added to the blog, no social event worth its salt had really been enjoyed until I had blogged about it.
What happened?
I actually blame it on the Mister. He takes up too much of my time.
"Oh, I see," he said. "Now anything that you don't accomplish is MY fault."
Yes, I tell him firmly. It's all your fault.
Well, if only that were true. It seems my butt and the couch have a really hot relationship going on. Eating dinner takes up my time. And then there's getting ready for bed. (That takes longer every year!) Doing the Word Jumble puzzle in bed to relax is one of my creature comforts.
I have been leading such a lame life recently (so much work AT work) and whenever I get inspired to go to take a photo and post it (Lenten roses - done that two years in a row I'll bet; forsythia, same thing) I feel like it's Groundhog Day. Over and over and over.
I have been busy with Relay for Life. Last night I made oatmeal, peanut butter, raisin and chocolate chip cookies and sold them outside my office for $1 for four cookies. I made a whole $11 for Relay!
If only I could get online at the Relay for Life website I would send out emails to all my friends and acquaintances to try and earn more for the cause. However, the Relay website has many problems - a global complaint, I have heard - and it's always denying entry to me and the other members of our team.
Tomorrow I am taking a drive with a friend. She has a destination in mind and wanted some company and it's time for us to get together and talk. She also wants to stop at Macys and look at cosmetics! This sounds like it might be fun. Maybe I will find something to bleach a brown spot on my face. My doctor said this is the cure. Clinique should have the answer. Sorry there's no picture here, but I need some inspiration that's fresh and new - femminismo


Steve said...

Inspiration often finds us when we least expect it... and sometimes when we do: that's what's so great about it!

femminismo said...

you are correct, steve! Thanks for being so constant in reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

Laura said...

When you post it's always worthwhile. And the care and feeding of a man does take up a lot of time!

Fresca said...

"life is stale" as an index entry is so sad but also kinda funny because I totally recognize it.

I don't know why but I'm just emerging from a 3-months blog slump (after 3 years when practically all I wanted to do was blog!).
I like knowing why I do things, but sometimes they "why" just won't come clear.

I look forward to your return, if and when the spark returns.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing as de motivating

as forcing out a blogpost..

dont do it.
Dont beat yourself up for not posting either.

it supposed to be fun, remember?

we will still be here when you pop back.