Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dinner With a Friend

TONIGHT I had dinner with a friend - a woman I went to high school with. We toured a college together once in 1963. We talked about rooming together once. We gossiped, we dreamed, we wondered what the future might hold.
We've walked two different paths and ended up together tonight - for a while - talking over dinner about the present, past and future. Italian food, beer for her and Italian red wine for me, a plate of three delicious types of bruschetta and a romaine salad with beets. Yum!
We looked through art shops and walked a bit on a labyrinth - until we got dizzy.
It is so good to touch base with an old friend and remember times gone by that seem at the same time to be long ago and just yesterday.
I was hoping we could travel together, but that won't be for a while. Maybe in a couple of years.
For me, I'm thinking of going to Italy in November. Harvesting olives. Taking a cooking class. Never coming back. (Wait! Did I say never come back? I can't do that!)
It's always fun to dream. Tomorrow night I will try to post some photos. I've been taking them, but not having as much time or energy ... or mojo? ... as usual. Bad blogger! Bad! - femminismo


Steve said...

One thing better than new dreams is remembering old dreams with an old friend.

femminismo said...

You are so right, Steve. I love you, by the way, since you still pay attention to me when I blog once every three weeks! xxooxx

grrl + dog said...

its part of the cycle - to leave a field fallow

so it can regenerate.

So take a break, nothing worse than self imposed blog guilt.