Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enhanced Oregon Just For You - and me

WARNING: These pictures have been enhanced. Not the scenes. They are real and they exist (for the moment) here in Oregon with me. It just seems that the camera doesn't do justice to the colors and so I played with them a bit in my free version of Photoshop Elements. That simple program has come in very handy over the years.
Last weekend the Mister and I met with another guy - Phil - up on the property (we need to find a name for this "place"). Phil and his dog, Sydney, had been mowing the grass before we got there. The grass along the roadside and in the road. And some in the woods.
I took off for a while with my camera to document all the new growth: skunk cabbage leaves, goats beard, trilliums, ferns, Johnny jump-ups, currant tree blossoms. I walked down Far Road to the western civilized (cleared) end of the property with a bucket and came back with the prettiest maidenhair fern. (It's now planted in our backyard in the wettest area we could find.)
The Mister and Phil winched up some trees and started up the chainsaw, which Sydney did NOT like. I ended up grooming ferns - cutting away the old growth to give the new fronds full advantage - and of course went crazy, sitting on the bank above our little trailer and worked away so I would have a pretty view from the window if I ever get the chance to just be there and sit and do nothing.
Phil has some interesting theories about life in general and he entertained me with those thoughts while I chopped away. His dog is named Sydney either because she actually came from Australia or they knew each other in another life in Sydney. I'm not sure, but I sometimes enjoy listening to other people's views of the world as long as they're not trying to convert me. And, Phil, if you're reading, thanks for all your help in the woods.
On the way to a family gathering following our time in the woods - where I had to sit on a towel thanks to my dirty pants - the Mister took a route home that went past the mustard field we had seen on the way in. Don't damage your eyes staring at all that yellow - femminismo
p.s. I love you and I think I'm back.


Steve said...

That is a fabulous yellow. I'd quite happily sit there all day and let it burn my eyes out.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! My retinas. although I image it is true to life. Simply beautiful.