Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's nearly that Magic Day

The magic day in December - for me - is the 15th. It is my personal deadline for sending Christmas cards to those lucky first few who might get them on time.
However, I have been looking all over and can't find my address book. Where, oh where, could it be?
......... Hello. It's now Friday morning, Dec. 16. This post has been sitting here all night. I haven't found the address book. I did address four cards and then I slumped into a "Pose of Denial" on the living room couch and caught up on some TV viewing.
I pity anyone anticipating a card and Christmas letter from me. And from not posting on this blog more often I think my writing skills have decreased vastly.
New Years resolution, anyone? Anyone? - femminismo


Steve said...

It's behind you!

Sorry. Worth a shot.

Laura said...

My cards, art and verse by me, are all printed and have been waiting for the envelopes I forgot to order. Not even close to being addressed yet! Know what? Our cards will go when they go and will not get lost in the avalanche of "on time" cards. This is how I make myself feel better. Hope it works for you.

I make New Years intentions. I am very wishy washy and resolutions scare the wits out of me. #1 is to make more art
#2 is to do some serious work on a novel I started years ago. #3 is to remember that I am completely free, always

Umm hmmmm. Wish me luck. And I wish you all you desire starting right now.

I like your art and I admire your spirit.

Fresca said...

The "Pose of Denial" made me smile so much, in recognition.

I don't make special resolutions at New Year any more than I make them throughout the year---generally ongoing encouragement to myself to look for, create, engage, accept SPACIOUSNESS...
That is, my thoughts and feelings and body easily get all cramped and balled up tight, and I want to let/invite/remind them to relax and breathe and expand. Then they are (I am) stronger, too.

On we go!
Happy New Year!

Candace said...

Happy New Year, Jeanne. I popped mine in the mail around that time and really only today have popped New Year's cards in -- I don't think folks mind a day or two here or there. They enjoy being thought of at all by friends and loved ones.
"My Aunt and Uncle -- for always" is great. I felt like I was right there with them. Thanks for sharing that.