Monday, April 2, 2012

Going a Little Crazy

The need to create is strong and will not be denied - however much we would like to keep our butts stuck to the couch. So April 1, yesterday, I began an April journal. And I have a photo taken toward the end of March to show you how things are in our part of the world. I hope you are experiencing the yearning to create something and you are ready to try something that is outside of your comfort zone. That is where we do all the growing and the couch is where we eventually do all of our dying.


Steve said...

Well said. Let's get living!

Laura said...

I actually start to feel physically bad if I haven't done anything creative for awhile. I love your journals, can't wait to see what comes out of April.

Dawn said...

Hi Jeanne! I wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about this post of yours all month, every time I want to sit down in front of the TV! I can't say I haven't watched it at all, but I have consciously been keeping it turned off for the most part. I've decided that what I need to do isn't a blog but a book! So I'm starting on that this week. I'll be coming to Forest Grove soon to get my hair cut. Would love to meet you and Tammy for lunch!