Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cook Like You Mean It

A lovely day with friends today, but no time spent close up with nature and sketching her work. I did have lunch with a wonderful group of friends, delightful grilled salmon salad with the best chevre. Yum. And green apples chunks. Then did a little shopping and picked up groceries. The pork roast went into a hot pan of olive oil, kosher salt, ground pepper, rosemary and thyme to sear.
I put this in a glass baking pan with sauteed mushrooms and large red grapes. I am hoping the flavors blend together well. Sounded good to me, so why not try it. Maybe with a little balsamic glaze on the plate and a salad. Oh, I love cooking when I'm in the mood - femminismo


Steve said...

Torture! To sewe gorgeous food but not to be able to taste!

Anonymous said...

...that is it...when you're in the mood. Lately that has not been often. ..

JoAnn Boatwright said...

Yum! And lunch was fun, too. Isn't that the nicest bunch of people? Talk to you soon.