Thursday, September 26, 2013

Starting A New Chapter

Yes, here I go, starting a new chapter. Lucky to be employed for the past 30 years at work that enabled me to put bread on the table and gas in the car. Lucky to leave each job at the right time. Lucky to get the next one. Lucky or taking advantage of opportunities - whichever. I am glad things have worked out. Yesterday I was given a retirement party and there were plenty of folks there I was happy to see. Isn't that the best party? So now I venture into another chapter of this book of my life. Take a gander at the table decorations for the party ... All of them represent something from my career in proofreading and publishing. And the time that's gone by has swooshed by! From working in an elementary school as an instructional aide in the 70s, going back to school full-time for a year in the 80s and then on to proofing, editing and publishing - it's been a good chapter in my life. Even though sometimes all I wanted to do was stay in bed and pull the covers over my head. Perseverance will get you almost anything - femminismo


Steve said...

May your retirement be long and happy and this next chapter be full and exciting!

Fresca said...

Does this mean... more time for art projects and blogging? :)

femminismo said...

Yes, more time for art projects and blogging! Sorry to be gone so darn long.

Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, congrats on the fun stuff waiting for you... it's waiting, holding its breath. Hope you are having a wonderful time.
Candace, Still in Athens.