Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thinking Very Hard Here ... about commitment

Yes, I am thinking very hard about the writing prompts given me for the 30-day journaling that began on New Years Day. It is only the second, but the writing prompts (from bring up issues I've dealt with before. Committing to journaling for 30 days is ..., To definitely commit myself to journaling I would need ..., and the things that tend to get in the way of my creative commitments include ... . Same stuff, different year. It's hard to commit to something. Means I have to follow through until the end. I need to MAKE the time, not have the time. Things that get in the way are ... what ARE they now? I am retired, so I have a whole 8 hours a day that I didn't have before. Time to buckle down and make the hours count for something. Actually, I am thinking about commitment in many sorts of ways ... femminismo

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Fresca said...

"Commitment" is a word that makes me shiver, but I do like the idea of taking on an ongoing project! And I love seeing other people's projects too!