Thursday, May 31, 2007

And May fades away

Last day of May and I've accomplished some things on my list of "stuff to do" while others items cool their heels for a little longer.

I've finished another altered book, which on each page has a few things to help me remember what I was doing on a certain day. The books will be interesting to look back through some day when I'm sitting in a rocking chair and unable to do some of the things I've written about.

While I watered flowers and plants tonight, the spring air was warm and pleasant and led me to think about many things ... as I stood there holding the hose, listening to the pleasant sound of water falling. Water always seems to trigger memories for me.

I thought about my three children and how little I remember of that far ago time when I was a young mother. It occurred to me that in my next altered book I might sit and think about those times and write down all the memories of those days. I have found that the more I write down, the clearer certain times and events become.

I want to visit that woman I used to be ... the one who made mistakes, discoveries and shaped the person I am today.

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