Thursday, September 9, 2010

Profound Ignored Changes

Our political rhetoric is empty, vacuous and vapid, but things are happening. Profound, ignored changes are underway. - Llewellyn King

1999: Hillary Clinton, Millennium Lectures
What are we to do today, when leaders hijack holy traditions, even history; not to lift people closer to God or their own human potential, but to push them further apart? What do we do about those who try to constrict the circle of human dignity by convincing us that our differences -- race and religion, gender, ethnicity and tribal origin -- are more important than our common humanity? If this violent century teaches us anything, it is that whenever the dignity of one is threatened, the dignity of all is threatened as well; and none can or should remain silent.
Imagine how different life would be today for the people of Kosovo and in so many other troubled parts of our world if the evil that was allowed to run free had been stopped by those who stood up and broke the silence, that indifference did not in any way paralyze those who could have taken action.
In 1999, it isn't enough to refuse to commit crimes of hatred, stereotyping one another, going along with the crowd. It isn't enough to look deep into our own hearts and say we find them free of hatred. We have to do more. Every time we let a religious or racial slur go unchallenged or an indignity go unanswered, we are making a choice to be indifferent, a choice to constrict the circle of human dignity; a choice, I believe, to ignore history at our children's peril.

We have a lot to consider as we begin the new year - or continue it - femminismo


Steve said...

Such true words.

Candace said...

We certainly do, Jeanne. Thankfully, persons -- real thinking and involved persons -- are doing the considering, also. I remain resolutely optimistic, and I am here to tell you that as always I hope and pray to find you and yours staunchly in my corner of the ring as I remain in yours.
Your Pal (still in Athens)

Laura said...

Powerful sentiment. As is Candace, I am determined to remain optimistic and to share what feels like grace when It comes my way. I'm going to post this on Facebook. The holiday dinner looks soooo good. I love checking in on you.