Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rare September Daze

THE twilight between the seasons ... that's what the last two days have been. The farmers market was good for Gravenstein apples and beer tasting (and buying) on Saturday. The apples will go into a pie or cobbler - whichever can be made with the least amount of calories. I know: Good luck!
I met a beer maker at the farmers market and unfortunately didn't catch his name, but the beer is brewed under the moniker Captured by Porches. Click to see their Web page for more information on this unique beer brewing "company."
I tried Rebecca's divine wit, which was unique without being off-putting. However, I settled on the other beer - Invasive Species - since I thought the fruity flavor might go with food better. Food, yes. Another evening of food, me thinks.
And I spent the rest of Saturday at Valley Art Gallery helping with a reception for Forest Grove High School graduates who have continued their art adventures. Good for our gallery to feel like they had a small part in that.
And this coming Saturday, September 18, is the Chalk Art Festival - the 20th anniversary event. Maybe there will be birthday cake for the gallery??? Even if there's not, there will be chalk art drawings on the sidewalk and I can't wait. Maybe this will be the year for another balloon hat - femminismo


Candace said...

Oh please! A balloon hat! I insist. It's about time for me to chalk up some art myself... it's September. How can we resist? You must share pics of your calorie-light apple pie/cobbler!
Thanks so much for this fun post.

Candace, Still --

Steve said...

Such great names for beer! I wonder if they ship to the UK!

Clowncar said...

a chalk art festival. hope it doesn't rain. do they put tarp up over the art, or does that defeat the aesthetic?

how can you NOT try a beer called Invasive Species?

femminismo said...

I obviously do not know how to NOT try a beer called Invasive Species. No tarp over the art, although it's been done with umbrellas. The rain actually sets the chalk into the sidewalk a little bit more, since it's rich pigment chalk and not that drugstore/toy store kind. The forecast is now for some sprinkles. I *hope* not.