Tuesday, September 28, 2010

St. Laurence - Finder of Lost Electronica

THANKS, Seth, for the name of Sir Laurence. I will post him quickly - hopefully - and then be on my way to the meeting I *must* attend tonight.
He found my camera and cell phone and perhaps he can locate something in platinum for me that I haven't lost but would like to find! - femminismo


Steve said...

If you lose something and it comes back to you then it is truly yours!

Laura said...

Is anything ever really lost? Glad your gizmos found their way home. You, not interesting??? Never. You drive me wild with all those little books.

femminismo said...

Hmmm ... calling Steve "Seth"!! Sorry about that old chum!

Marissa said...

I left a gift for you on my blog. (Coeur d' Coeurs)

Love you.

Fresca said...

Glad your possessions found their way home!