Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Female Artist

SERAFINE de Senlis!! I watched the movie "Seraphine" last night, about this woman of the '20s and '30s who performed menial jobs in order to buy wood panels to paint on. She scavenged the countryside searching for the materials to make her own paints.

She was a "visionary" painter, a "primitiv," or "naif," following the instructions from the angels with whom she communicated.

She was discovered in France, just before World War I, by a German art critic who was one of the first to collect Braque and Picasso.
Yolande Moreau does an exquisite job in this film, following her angels and leading a life close to nature, trodding with her bare feet through the grass, sitting under trees or (literally) hugging them.

I would love to have prints of her work. I watched to see who reproduced them for the film, but did not see this - or recognize it, since the titles were all in French. I found lots of interesting blogs with mention of her work. They are probably mostly people like me, who having seen the movie will never look at leaves and flowers and see them in the same way - femminismo


Steve said...

What an intriguing woman with than even more intriguing story. Will have to keep an eye out for the film.

Anonymous said...


This osunds like a must see movie - much like a film about another feamle painter...whose name escapes me at the moment - she was in Caravaggio's time.
totally ignored because of her gender.

Candace said...

Oh that is wonderful. I love the last piece especially.
Thank you for sharing.