Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tina Modotti ... brilliant!

"Tina" Modotti.

What a story her life would make for a film. In fact she was in some early films.

This is a photograph (left) she took. She was with Edward Weston - his mistress and model.

She was with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

She was in Barcelona, California, New Mexico, Russia.

Perhaps her life would make a good subject for Nanowrimo next month. I've never tried non-fiction. Perhaps "creative" non-fiction?

She took the photograph of the lady on the balcony in Barcelona, I think. And this is a photograph of her and her "husband," Roby (at left). They tie-dyed fabric in California and talked a lot about what else they would accomplish - but didn't.
(She and Roby were never married, although she denied that until the day she died, I guess, according to various blogs and Wikipedia entries.)
I don't know who the lovely dark-haired woman is, but it's supposed to be another Modotti photo.
Ahh! A week of female artists - femminismo


Laura said...

These posts about the women artists are great. I'm really enjoying them, thanks.

Steve said...

The lovely dark haired woman is very lovely indeed - definitely ticks at least one of my boxes! ;-)

Clowncar said...


ever see Julie Taymor's movie about Frida and Diego? I believe Tina M may have a cameo in that as well....

Anonymous said...

smouldering shots..

brooding with stuff underneath.

how fascinating to discover her.

Candace said...

In several essays and books about Kahlo, I read many folks suspected that Modotti was murdered.
Such character then!

Still in Athens.