Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Steps

I'm taking baby steps today, back into the world of art. Well, brushes of gel medium, anyway!
It's amazing how you forget the feel of the brush in your hand and the way the paint and gel feel so natural flowing out from it. Clumsy, I was, getting gel medium all over the sleeve of my shirt.
I'm following the directions of Katie Kendrick in constructing a magical, framed, hidden piece of art - entirely of cardboard and glue. (And joint compound, when I get some.) I have the frame, with an extra layer around the edges underneath to lift it a bit off the page. I believe I will put a mica frame on it because I found some pieces of mica laying on the art table.
Now here is where I believe I am successful, only BECAUSE of my messy art table. I MUST have everything around me - all at the same time. That way, it sometimes seems, I can find just what I wasn't looking for! (but needed) Because of my messing about with the mica and trying to separate the pieces as fine as possible, I found out be accident how you make the sparkly mica bits to glue on artwork. Crumbling the fine layers up make this magical substance!! Love it.
The two doors will open up to reveal the frame, inside of which will be ... well, who knows? Not me; not yet - femminismo


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Mica is totally magic....the more you play the better you will be accustomed with the natural shimmer. I love working with everything all out and around drives some people crazy and yes some organization would be beneficial....I still like creating in my little nest. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

It's so fun to see what people can come up with. Separating mica books is one of my favorite things (my sweetie is a geologist and finds me good big pieces)--but I never thought of using them as glitter! Brilliant idea that I'll have to use :)


Anonymous said...

doesn't this look full of promise??

I totally agree with your work style.
I work in chaos, (well it looks like that to others) but it's all a well planned randomness..

I hope we get to see what the final outcome is,