Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching Up Again For May 12

May twelfth I found these things that start with the letter "m. Monterey - by Glennda Field at Valley Art Gallery in Forest Grove, Oregon.
We call this plant "Moses in a Boat."
Magnolia tree in the front yard - hasn't bloomed yet.
There are mountains in the watercolor by Harold Walkup - at Valley Art Gallery.
A man and his "moutons." Photo on metal by Brenda Somes at Valley Art.
I wish I knew who painted this "monster." I would give them credit.
"Murky" water in an oil by Michael Orwick - for sale at Valley Art Gallery, 2022 Main St., Forest Grove, Oregon.
Lots of "m's" since May is Membership Month at Valley Art.
One of my favoritist books!! and ........
And a "mixer" for the carrot cake I made Saturday morning
And last, but not least, a maze marble game - femminismo

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