Saturday, May 5, 2012

M is For Many Things

"Aha!" you shout. "I knew she couldn't keep up her "M's" in May. She's dropped the ball on so many other projects!" Well, nyah, nyah, nyah! Eat your words! I just stayed out too late last night and didn't have time to post. Here are the four objects beginning with "M" for May the Fourth. First, we have: Musicians!!
And next we have a beautiful Moon over Alberta Street.
And for the last two on the fourth day of May, I took this photo of Matt and Marissa, or monsieur and mademoiselle. Two "M's" with one shot.
Today, of course, is Cinco de Mayo and we were cleaning out the cupboards looking for the tequila. Found these and they needed to be tossed for fresher ones. Marshmallows ... an "M" of course.


femminismo said...

The photos aren't the best, but my phone is always with me when I find an M. Off to find more m's!

Steve said...

Marshmallows... Mmmmmm!