Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Whole of April Has Been Swallowed Up

All those days and all those adventures of April are over. Rarely has a month gone by so fast. It was my birthday month and there were celebrations galore and things to do and places to go. Too bad I didn't take YOU along! I saw the musical "Chicago," and tried writing my own play by joining Script Frenzy. (From the same people that bring you NaNoWriMo.) One hundred pages of play writing in one month. It didn't work for me, though. I was just about ready to give up on myself, but then I wrote a small book for my granddaughter Zoe (to celebrate her 10th birthday) and colored a pirate's treasure map for Lincoln all in a weekend. When the pressure is on I can achieve the (nearly) impossible. We have had some illness in our family and I am hoping that all will come to a good resolution. We have found out we have a hereditary disease that is fairly "silent," in that it doesn't give a lot of warning signs. But I am certain we will deal with that as best we can and what will be will be. I had a lively birthday party at work - thanks to my coworkers - and the next day spent time in Portland for their Saturday Market, with music, food and art booths. We also saw the movie "Bully," which is a great attempt to bring people together to talk about how everyone might contribute to altering this dynamic. I have begun May with my own feeble attempt at an original project. I am taking photos of things that begin with the letter "M," and it is amazing how your mind goes blank as you look around for things that meet that qualifications. On May 1st I took one phone of a magnet! How original. How mundane. But it got worse. Today I took these photos:
AND this one:
I intend to take three "M" photos tomorrow and consequently higher numbers until the 31st of May when I will try to find 31 things, all different, that begin with the letter M. I think I will take photos with the M object nearly hidden so YOU will have to look for it. Don't you think this is a good way to stretch the brain cells? Or do you think I'm crazy? Whichever, let me know. Leave a message for - femminismo


Steve said...

Poor M! There must be some marvellous momentos somewhere that you can photograph!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Well I think the M photo challenge is brilliant! Maybe instead of a "Where's Waldo" approach, do a cropped close-up. But that only works if you have a good lens.

I might have to try this.
You know JUNE would be a REAL challenge! You know how few things start with J?!

BTW, Happy belated Birthday. So nice that you were thoroughly celebrated!

femminismo said...

I am thinking of taking photos of objects in June that rhyme with the month. A spoon, a loon, a goon. You get the picture.

Laura said...

I think these are crazy fun ideas! And that is why I follow this blog. You are always up to something good. Happy birthday. We are having a bd celebration here on Saturday, maybe you should come.

And finally, sending healing thoughts for your family.
Can't wait for more Ms.