Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In memory.

Tonight I hung paper leaves ("Living Leaves") decorated with paints, crayons, pictures and words in remembrance of 9/11. The tradition originally started in 2000 after two local men died on Mt. Hood in a climbing accident. The following year, in September of 2001, it took on more meaning when we remembered the victims of the 9/11 attacks.
Each year we use this opportunity to remind each other of the important joys of life (peace, love, hope), express an opinion or remember and honor those we have lost. As the wind blows through the leaves, which are hung on the small trees along Main Street, I like to think that the thoughts and prayers written on them will reach up into the heavens.
Sentimental, but pure in intention.
This year I put one up for my mother and one for my father. The one for dad is bright orange and large. On the back it says "for the tallest, handsomest and kindest dad." Mom's leaf says "best mama ever."

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