Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's a new month!

Yes, September is here and I have finished August's art journal in keeping with my determination to track One Day At A Time. Hence, the name of this blog for those who didn't know ... or care.
It's warm today in the Pacific Northwest, but last night left dew on the skylights this morning. As you can see by the newest photo I've posted, the sunflower in the front yard - a volunteer - has reached heights beyond picking. Most of the beautiful yellow flowers have escaped my shears and flourish to provide the bees with something - nectar? pollen? - and the birds with seeds a little later on. That is, if it doesn't fall over again. It is staked now, and thanks to our neighbor's exuberant in-ground sprinkler, it is watered.
This month I am making my entire book (not the paper). I have signatures of folded paper I will bind and sew into a handmade cover. I hope it works out and doesn't become the straw that breaks this art journalist's back. Now I must get busy.
Hope your sunflowers, or any flowers, are blooming their heads off. - femminismo

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