Monday, September 10, 2007

A Weekend Spent Playing

It was a good weekend of work in the sunroom - off and on - because I had to spend part of the time cleaning out my inside work space to make room for this winter's work. Soon the rain and cold will come and I don't want to be spending it out in the dampness. I want to be warm and cozy and inspired - not shivering.
September's workbook art/journal is well on its way. The pages haven't been too inspiring; just utilitarian. Somewhere to write down thoughts.
Tonight I am making leaves - "living leaves" with thoughts, comments, sentiments, memories, memorials in honor of loved ones and in memory of 9/11. They will hang on the trees in a nearby town to remember sacrifices and honor family members. The leaves may have poems or pictures on them. It is something I enjoy doing each September.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. - femminismo

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