Monday, February 18, 2008

ArtHouse Saturday

This past weekend was ArtHouse, a Saturday night get-together of fellow "artistas." Each month we sample a different type of art, and this month it was knitting.
JoAnn Boatwright was the instructor and there were about three first-time knitters. Here is a sample of what Linda and I did.

The Mister has been working on our kitchen cabinets and I have tried to stay out of the way. He has been redoing the 1960-style birch cabinet doors by sanding the fairly nice wood. He wanted to try refinishing them first before just painting them, and they sure look nice. Now, however, before he puts the doors and drawers back he must sand the existing cabinets hanging on the walls. What a messy job. He has masked everything off with plastic sheeting and has vented the kitchen and is wearing a mask at all times. (His hair looks very "white" with all the dust, and his skin has a ghastly pallor.)
This next photo, right, is our espresso stand set up in the dining room. The floor has been stripped of its carpeting and will be redone with either pergo or tile. He has made quite an ingenious "drawer" for the silverware. All the comforts of home while "camping out." The end result will be worth it, however.

The last photo is another ArtHouse picture. While others knitted, Sylvia chose to spend her time on her "stamps" that I think are quite cool. She takes old stamps - lifted off envelopes or wherever - and then finds faces that might fit well on them.
She was using an old Sears reproduction catalog, I think, to find some of these faces. They fit very well, indeed. What a novel idea. She says it's not her own idea, but she remakes these stamps very nicely. Next ArtHouse we'll be working on packing little glass bottles with magical things. I'll keep you apprised!

And not to be outdone by Judy Wise and her fabulous Lemon Drops & Mojitos, but here's what powers my art projects - a 2004 Red Diamond merlot and lots of paint and Uhu! Excellento!
Next time - femminismo

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