Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flutter books from Sumi paper.

On Friday I worked at the Accidental Bookmaker shop - taking the four Friday February classes in book binding.
We made a flutter book (here is the beginning of the project) and then constructed a "cradle" for book binding.
The white flutter book paper is Sumi paper with the rough side out. One book - the green one - was begun and finished in class. The purple book, which in the second photo looks blue through camera "technology," I finished last night. The bead, which is the same wonderful turquoise of the jasmine blossom tea packet, can be pulled up the ribbon to close the book securely.

The yellow journal page was painted yesterday, Saturday, too. The "flower lover" words appeared in a magazine and I thought how much I am missing the flowers in my garden. This spring I vow to throw seeds everywhere and harvest lots of pretty flowers come summer.
Yesterday I did something that has bothered me ever since: I found another woman's blog, saw a joke I didn't think was so funny, and left a comment. Ever since then I have wondered if I hurt her feelings, since I'm sure we all post things others might find less than interesting, relevant, "cute," etc. I guess I could find my way back through the labyrinth of blogs and remove the comment, but she's probably already seen it. What would you do? (I don't think I said anything rude, and I know I am hyper-sensitive to hurting another person's feelings.)
She also has one of those "mapping" widgets that note every person's location and when they visited. That sort of creeps me out to see my visit instantly appear. Well, I guess I'll leave it alone. If she wants to track me down, that's not too difficult since I left my "calling card."
I hope your Sunday is excellent and that someone, somewhere has sunshine. Ro? I'll bet you do in Australia! Today is the Mister's birthday and he is celebrating by doing nothing but whatever he wants. Right now he's playing the guitar. He is my best friend, too, so I'll go spend some time with him and neglect my artwork a little, just for today. - femminismo

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