Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April showers bring May flowers ... but what do May winds and gullywashers bring?

THAT'S the question of the day here in Ore-uh-gun. (Oregon)
Just by looking at my Lady of The Tulips you can tell she's been getting her feet wet. Well, if she had feet they would be wet.
There have been torrents of rain, buckets of water, troughs of high and low pressure channeling in fluids, liquid sunshine galore.
Somehow, with the right foods (chocolate and coffee or tea) and a good fire to brighten up the dark afternoons, we've been able to wait for the occasional sunburst.
Here is one more picture and then I must dash for Valley Art where there is a reception tonight. This last pic is of the flowers that made it through the rain. I guess some of us just love a long, glorious bath - femminsmo


Candace said...

Super great photos, Jeanne! The lace really sets off those blooms, btw. And we've had those gullywashers too. My grass will never be cut at this rate.
Hope you have fun at Valley Art!

Candace x

3rdEyeMuse said...

the flower shot is quite beautiful - love the whole composition of it. :)