Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back Home and "Stuck"

FUNNY how we slip into the same old grooves the instant we return home from a vacation.
I think the first thing I did was sweep the kitchen floor. It always makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something that needs to be done and I can see instant results. I'm probably the only one who notices, however.
Well, I promised you some photos so I'd better catch up. I have the picture of the old leaning barn in the field of red clover. I should have taken 20 more, but didn't. This is the picture I wanted so I turned around, just after starting my journey to the coast, and got it!
Indian Beach - Cannon Beach's best-kept secret - was another wonderful place. Gorgeous weather for laying in the Pacific sand. I even got my feet in the water. (Check out those ferns by clicking on the picture. The curly leaves along the side are too cute!)
Indian Beach has these rugged rocks along the shore - the one with a hole through it. Watching the tide so it doesn't come in and trap you on one of those rocks is a smart thing to do. You don't want to lose track of the time while you're exploring here.
Here's a little guy I found on my way back out from the beach. I don't know if was asleep or had expired after completing his life's work.
Now that I'm back home there is plenty to do outside and inside and I'm sort of stuck. Sometimes I want to scream, trying to balance the important things I "need" to get done with the fun things I "want" to get done. (Oh, no, she's singing this old song again!)
Why not a little of both, I hear someone say. Good idea. I'll get right on that after I take a short nap - femminismo


Anonymous said...

Sweeping is a kind of meditation, it helps clear my thoughts as I sweep and prepare for the next activity..

Candace said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful wonderful vacation with us. You know I am a sucker for a fern. So much so that I have -- I confess -- popped the curly ferns up on my desktop so I can just look at them and smile.

That last photo is exquisite!

And good for you, why not both indeed?! Glad you are back, pal.

3rdEyeMuse said...

Welcome home ... I am happy to know that you had such a wonderful journey. That barn shot was TOTALLY worth turning around for! the rest of the shots are great, too. :)

Seth said...

It's all about the balance. Welcome home and thanks for the beautiful photo tour. Love the barn!